Enjoy eroticism and sex - Lys Ariant - E-Book

Enjoy eroticism and sex E-Book

Lys Ariant


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  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2017

Powerful sex and thrilling erotic - with these versatile tips you are on the right track! A practical, comprehensive guide with everything you ever wanted to know about sex: from aphrodisiac foods, tantric sex and Brazilian hair removal in the genital area or escort services, anal and dildo sex through to Viagra, penis exercises and flings. Scattered with sex jokes, humorous analysis, research results, spicy and erotic stories, experiences and adventures for a hot atmosphere, for wanting more ... Learn more about yourself and the wonderful erotic world of sex. A must-have!

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Lys Ariant

Enjoy eroticism and sex

BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Preface to the book “Enjoy eroticism and sex”


Powerful sex and thrilling erotic - with these versatile tips you are on the right track! A practical, comprehensive guide with everything you ever wanted to know about sex: from aphrodisiac foods, tantric sex and Brazilian hair removal in the genital area or escort services, anal and dildo sex through to Viagra, penis exercises and flings. Scattered with sex jokes, humorous analysis, research results, spicy and erotic stories, experiences and adventures for a hot atmosphere, for wanting more ... Learn more about yourself and the wonderful erotic world of sex. A must-have!


All photos by the author. All rights reserved.


Seductive lingerie - for ladies only!


Seductive and sensual women use seductive and sensual lingerie. That`s it!

Do you want to belong to these glamorous, sexy vamps, with the men at your feet?

Then you should banish your waist-high, SUPER-comfortable panties, washable at 90° Celsius and all your cotton briefs in the rearmost corner of your closet, because that's not what men are looking for, what makes men crazy or seduces them.


Wrap yourself in SEXY underwear (you want to tease and provoke, right?). Even simple white may be stylish as a set with some lace and a daring cut really and it lets men feel this tingling sensation. Try delicate pink, the color of innocence; it looks particularly alluring on sun brown skin. Alluring! Fair skin looks slightly pale with it. Emerald green, navy blue and burgundy revive pale skin; noble cream color looks classy and precious on almost any skin type. But most men stand on these two colors: Black and red. These two drive them completely crazy.



The selection of female lingerie

In the huge selection of female lingerie you can find something for you, too: Bras are available from size 42 (often artificially padded to simulate a fuller bust size) to large cup sizes. Large sizes often have larger straps for better support. Choose between satin fabrics, semi-transparent tulle, elastic lace, underwire or molded cups. Presentable are also the straps, which are often peeping out from the clothing, intentionally or unintentionally. They can be transparent, patterned, ruffled, and double, outboard or even decorated with Swarovski stones. Many straps are crossable on the back, bringing the breasts more closely together and lifting them up additionally, so they look fuller. This effect is called push up, and it even can be enhanced by removable cushions. Other straps are removable or used as a halter for backless models. However, do not pretend too much bosom or butt with artificial padding; otherwise you can explain the big difference to your "normal state" only with difficulty.

There is a wide range of the selection for panties: from tiny strings with almost nothing or thongs, over bikini briefs with a slightly larger side slightly over shorts and Rio briefs with high-cut legs or waist-high briefs. It may be a bit smaller/shorter for seductive hours, however, according to men's opinion.



For savory moments

Surveys with men have also clearly demonstrated that the "correct" lingerie is very important, even if you sometimes do not want to admit. Bustiers and corsets are incredibly welcome, and may also be worn as a top replacement in hot summers or at parties, without being vulgar. Baby dolls have hems that play around the butt, giving no rest to men. Almost all men are going crazy about garters and garter belts. Look around in a lingerie shop, there are lots of things to be discovered. You are embarrassed? Well, then you just simply order from an online lingerie catalog. Ordering is without any problems, 100% of right of return, if you really should come to the conclusion that this won`t be the right outfit for you.

Make a private lingerie party - if necessary you and yourself, alone in front of the mirror. Turn and admire yourself, take a look at your benefits. Even a little more fat on the hips can be incredibly sexy; you finally should get this perfect photo model body of advertising out of your head. A good design and excellent material could gently conceal your weak points and bring out your best features. Tasteful colors like aubergine, cobalt blue, cherry red or kiwi green let your body get alive.

Better Sex by power-erotic


For most piquant moments, you may try a refined, like a second skin fitting bustier with garter belt, stockings and cheeky garters. Practice also a hot strip in advance... or let him help you to undress ...


Brazilian Hair Removal


Great sex naturally includes a well-kept, good-smelling body, which awakes the desire for "more". Women should definitely try the Brazilian hair removal with warm wax in the can remove all unwanted hair - really all … ALL! Around the labium as well as around the anus. Such waxing shows results for four weeks or longer: velvety, extremely smooth skin, perfect for gentle stroking with the finger, for eroticized slides with the tongue or for unimpeded penetration of the penis.


Such a hair removal can be somewhat painful the first time. However, the next time the hair growth has become weaker already, the hairs are finer and shorter. Customers praise this hair removal as particularly hygienic. As well the genital area remains odorless even in the summer months or during hot sex.


There is also now greater increases of men for permanent hair removal often done by laser treatments.

Aphrodisiac foods


You know, “the way through a man's heart goes through his stomach”. Should this old, hackneyed saying really be true? Experts say clearly "yes"!


Snuggle up on the weekend with a very special reading, best together with your partner (you will not regret it): Read about aphrodisiac recipes. There are complete seductive cookbooks.

Learn, laugh and marvel at the curious oddities and unusual ideas. The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek language (aphrodisiakós), and it means to restore the generating powers to inspire the carnal appetites. Expand your knowledge and take advantage of aphrodisiac foods already popular and well known in ancient times.


Aphrodisiacs are chemical substances or odors that stimulate the female sexual desire or increase the masculine potency. Now, a well-arranged plate with intense fragrances can create a euphoric state in any case. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, fertility, love, is described again and again. Her symbols include myrtle, dolphin, pigeon, swan and the famous pomegranate. The human race in all parts of the world was ever since in search of flavors and new elements with an aphrodisiac effect, inter alia, food, in order to strengthen the physical virility and awaken desires in women. We consider chocolate, strawberry and tomato as exotic, erotic and aphrodisiac; as well figs, dates and bananas.

History describes Rhino substances or elephant ivory, and more. Several cultures believed of mysterious power and sometimes in dangerous mixtures.

Some scents work directly in the brain in the area of basic instincts for sex. Choose a sensual atmosphere, colors, music, to create a special climate. Essential oils such as cinnamon, orange blossom, tangerine, celery, caraway, ylang-ylang, jasmine, bitter almond oil, musk, orchid and rose balm contain pheromones, which are able to stimulate the sensuality and to increase the sexual appetite. This is proven in tests. We all know well that an atmosphere with soft lighting, good wine, strawberries with chocolate are an excellent combination to create a special climate ... In addition, trust an erotically soft music. Such aphrodisiac music CD you should definitely have at home.

In addition, some spices can be used to stimulate the sexual appetite. They are: saffron, clove, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, thyme, ginseng, celery, mustard, parsley, jasmine and musk. With them it is possible to create tasty dishes.

There are foods, which have been shown to increase the production of sperm, testosterone and vaginal secretions. These are

Fresh Oysters: They contain iron, iodine, zinc, which increase the predisposition for sex. Quail egg contains only protein, vitamin B1 and 2, iron, manganese, copper, competition, calcium and nothing else.

Peanuts are rich in energy because of the vitamin B3 content, which helps blood dilation.

Other stimulations on the menu card:

Saffron, it makes erogenous zones more sensitive and has been used for long times in the Far East

Peanuts: general enhance energy and increase performance

Asparagus, banana, strawberry, fig, contain vitamin B3, which is also associated with the expansion of blood vessels.

Cinnamon oil stimulates circulation, and heats, therefore it is particularly suitable for massage oils

Indian clover combats mental fatigue

Curry: without scientific proof, but the legend said that it's powerful ...

Ginger: particularly proficient in the excitation; the whole Orient trusts.

Nutmeg: in Indonesia and India, they swear that it prolongs the duration of the sexual act.

Oysters: high amount of iron, iodine, zinc, which enter directly in the biosynthesis of testosterone

Quail eggs: B complex for nerve and muscle tone (everywhere!)

Pepper: a tonic for the nervous system and sexual potency

Chocolate: contains phenethylamine and serotonin, which intervene directly in the hormonal levels.

Beverages such as vodka or cocktails on the basis of white rum, cocktails, pepper and mango and Bloody Mary are also suitable. But remember: to drink alcoholic beverages in excess, can have an anti-aphrodisiac effect.


Under the scientific point of view aphrodisiac drug or food may be culturally or scientifically. They are classified into 3 types, depending on their course of action on our organism.

First category: Provides a nutritional value and special energy, improves health and welfare and should therefore stimulate the sexual appetite.

Second type: classifies the physiological effect but is not psychologically active. There are several hazardous substances in the form of drops, capsules and so on.

Third type: includes neurotransmitters, hormones, pheromones, serotonin (neurotransmitter for sexual behavior), antidepressants, Dopamine (increases sexual desire).

The complete understanding of this sexually-psychoactive medicine is nowadays still limited. So you need to try yourself ... but it is not completely safe!

Seduction strawberries


24 strawberries

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 glass of orange liqueur

1 cup chocolate syrup

100 g whipped sweet cream.

Wash and halve strawberries, remove the green leaves

Add sugar, pour over liqueur and a little chocolate syrup

Pour into a cup (one cup, for both of you ...)

Put whipped cream on top and more chocolate syrup.

Decorate with strawberries.

Oh yes, do not eat, but lick!!

Help with erectile dysfunction


You are slowly getting older and also things in bed don`t work so good anymore. What to do? The first contact point is certainly your doctor. You can check together in a personal conversation, if perhaps stress is the cause. A psychologist can help e. g. with relationship problems; often a partner therapy is advised. Inform yourself purposefully so that it does not even get that far.