Green Cosmetics - Gabriela Nedoma - E-Book

Green Cosmetics E-Book

Gabriela Nedoma


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The skin loves green Green Cosmetics are biological alternatives to deodorants containing aluminum, skin creams containing polyethylene glycol, and products tested on animals. Shampoos grow on trees; meadow flowers give us toothpaste, and sunscreen sprouts in the garden. Everything is 100 percent natural, conjured up quickly and so pure it can be tasted. It's a healthy makeover from nature - like biting into a fresh apple! Cosmetics from nature " 130 complete recipes; many vegan " creams, ointments, skin smoothies, deodorants, shampoos, dental care, depilation, sun protection, baby care, and much more " suitable for all skin types and for all the family " readily available food-quality ingredients " quick and easy to prepare in the kitchen " step-by-step instructions

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Gabriela Nedoma




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Green Cosmetics: Food for the skin

Our skin eats, too

Nutritious substances from nature

Skin care with a clear conscience

Skin care has a long history

Nourishment from within, Nourishment from without

The world’s oldest natural Cosmetics

Skin nutrition from Cleopatra to Empress Sisi

The skin and its care

A sensitive sensory organ

Skin layers full of life

How the skin nourishes itself

Ph-value: What care does the skin need?

Green helpers

The green pharmacy of nature

Skin-caring agents

Gathering in the natural environment

Plant processing

Natural skin food




Dairy products

Seeds, nuts and grains

Salt and natron

Medicinal clay

Fats and oils

Homemade Green Cosmetics

The safety of Green Cosmetics

Stock list Green Cosmetics

Vegan alternatives

Useful tools and accessories

Quick equipment checklist

Shopping hints

Packaging for Green Cosmetics

Skin cleansing

Washing Lotion with Green Medicinal Clay and Honey

Snow White’s Skin Secret

Face Cleansing with Barley (as described by Hildegard of Bingen)

Apricot Kernel Wash Lotion with Almond Milk

Washing Lotion with Milk and Honey

Wash Lotion with Curd and Horse Chestnut

Washing Paste with Almond Milk and Medicinal Clay

Cleopatra’s Face Cleansing Lotion

Fresh Rhubarb Wash Lotion

Lomenta with Poppy and Bean Flour

Fragrant Raspberry Washing Gel

Cleansing Milk with Horse Chestnut and Coconut Milk

Fresh Washing Mousse with Mango and Avocado

Skin Cleansing with Strawberries.

Nourishing Face Cleanser with Banana

Nourishing Make-Up Remover with Avocado

Radiant Bride – Ayurvedic Face Peeling

Exfoliating Sensitive Skin with Poppy and Yoghurt

Exfoliating Scrub with Honey

Make-Up Removal Lotion with Linseed and Cream

Quick Make-Up Remover with Curd and Honey

Make-Up Remover with Lemon Balm and Fennel

Soap Free Washing Cream with Medicinal Clay and Chocolate

Soap-Free Wash Cream with White Chocolate and Poppy

In A Hurry: 7 Quick Alternatives for Face and Body Cleansing

Natural deodorants and natural fragrances

Limoncello Deodorant

Mint-Basil Deodorant

Deodorant with Orange Brine

Fruity Deodorant with Young Tree Shoots

Elderflower and Lemon Deodorant

Calming Bach Flower Quince Deodorant

Deodorant made from 4-Thieves Vinegar

Simply Natural Deodorant

Fragrant Old English Rose and Orange Water

Deodorant with cherry blossoms

Fast 30-Second Deodorant

Eau de Toilet de la Reine de Hongrie

Skin smoothies

Skin Smoothie with Tulip Petals

Flower and Shoots Skin Smoothie

Rose and Raspberry Skin Smoothie

Aloe Vera Skin Smoothie

Skin Mousse with Bananas for Soft Skin

Ginger and Cucumber Skin Smoothie

Sea Buckthorn and Carrot Skin Smoothie

Violet Blossom Water

Cooling Mint Smoothie

Basil Love Skin Smoothie

Chickweed Smoothie for Impure Skin

In a hurry: Instant freshness from your kitchen

Moisturizers and natural sun care

Cooling Gel with Mint and Linseed

Sun Cream with Marigold and Carrot

Green Propolis Oil for Sunburn

Summer Milk with Aloe Vera and Lemon Verbena

Anti-inflammatory Lotion with Ginger and Linseed

Skin Balm with Lime Blossoms

Moisturizing Lotion with Fresh Marshmallow (Okra)

Skin Protective Compress with Potato

Protective Sun Oil with Walnut and Horse Chestnut

Skin Soothing Gel with Quinces and Quince Seeds

Sun Protection Spray with Horse Chestnut

Fresh Plantain Skin Balm

Fresh Balm with Pomegranate and Cherry Resin

Circulation Stimulating Lotion with Nutmeg

Moisturizing Skin Cream with Rose, Apple, and Carrot

Antioxidant Moisturizer with Sea Buckthorn and Cherry Resin

Skin Regenerating Lotion with Parsley

Sisi’s Refreshing Essence with Violets

Healing oils and ointments

Hemp Oil with Plantain

Skin Regenerating Madonna Lily Oil

Healing Oil with Lavender

Wound Healing Oil with St. John’s Wort

Warm Winter Socks Ointment

Healing Ointment with Incense

Pumpkin Seed Oil Ointment

Willow Bud Skin Cream

King of Herbs Cream: Unguentum Basilicum

Lip care

Trotula’s Lily Lip Balm

In a Hurry: Quick Lip Balm from the Kitchen

Sweet Lip Balm with Honey

Pink Lip Balm with Raspberries

Natural dental care

Healing Toothpaste with Ginger and Mint

Ayurvedic Dental Powder

Rose and Sage Dental Powder after Hildegard of Bingen

Healing Bud Propolis Toothpaste

Cinnamon Toothpaste

Schuessler Salts Mouth Spray with Rosemary

Tooth Gel with Medicinal Herbs

Ash Tooth Powder

Whitening Powder with Horse Chestnut

Anti-inflammatory Tooth Oil with Parsley

Natural hair care

Shampoo with Medicinal Clay and Stinging Nettle

Fresh Natural Shampoo with Birch Leaves and Cherry Resin

Natural Shampoo with Horse Chestnut and Whey

Natural Shampoo with Horse Chestnut, Apples and Oranges

Catherine De’ Medici’s Egg-Nog Shampoo

Hair Smoothie with Rosemary and Basil

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Plantain

Natural Shampoo with Honey and Whey

Shampoo with Rose and Sage

Shampoo with Plum Tree Ash by Hildegard of Bingen

Quick Natural Shampoo with Lavender and Sage

Setting Lotion with Quince Seeds and Apple Chips

Setting Lotion with Oak Leaves

Setting Lotion with Honey

Nutritious Setting Lotion with Medicinal Herbs

Fragrant Oriental Setting Lotion with Tonka Beans

In a Hurry: 30 Second Beer Fixative

Lemon Hair Mask

Birch Hair Conditioner

Stinging Nettle Hair Conditioner

Sisi’s Hair Tonic with Lavender

Nasturtium Tonic

Thyme and Rose Hair Conditioner

Special men’s care

Oak Leaf Deodorant

Vitality Perfume

Mild Shaving Soap with Rosemary


Sugaring Paste

Depilating with Sugar Paste

Trotula Balm with Roses, Violets, and Black Poplar

Lime Blossom Deodorant

Chamomile Aftershave Lotion

Special baby care

Breast milk Care for Babies

Baby Milk and Honey Bath

Baby Chamomile Bath

Baby Rose Bath

Baby Wound Healing Oil

Hildegard’s Plaster for Sore Baby Skin

Herbal Massage Oil for Babies

Calming Calendula Skin Care for Babies

Soft, Natural Baby Powder

Basic recipes

Ghee/Concentrated Butter

Oil Wax Ointment

Horse Chestnut Powder

Almond Milk

AcknowledgmentsAdditional informationBibliography



Welcome to the world of Green Cosmetics! If you’re looking for 100% natural care without preservatives or additives then this is for you. As the name promises, Green Cosmetics are really green: natural, fresh, and wholesome. Green Cosmetics are life in harmony with nature, with no animal experiments or added chemicals, less consumption, more self-sufficiency, and a clean environment. Green biocare with a clear conscience!

What are cosmetics? We dont want to boast but the term cosmetics derives from the whole cosmos. The ancient Greek expression kósmos means order and stands for the harmonic structure of the universe. From that kosmitiké tekhné, the art of decorating, evolved. In this book – as with the ancient Greeks – beauty and order come to form a unity. Here cosmetics mean beauty in tune with nature. For pure care. For healthy nutrition for the skin. For easy recipes. For gentle products as pure as nature herself.

All good reasons, therefore, to produce your own Green Cosmetics! This book contains 130 natural alternatives to commercial products, all of them nourishing, biological, and homemade. The benefits are obvious: you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and you invigorate yourself with healthy, natural care. Enjoy discovering Green Cosmetics and enjoy naturally nourished skin!


Gabriela Nedoma



Healthy, organic and fresh foods are a normal part of people’s lives nowadays, making natural skin care a meaningful next step for anyone preferring fresh over processed, as both nutrition and cosmetics are absorbed into the body. Our skin consumes also; its food is the cosmetic products we apply. It is common sense to choose one’s cosmetics with the same care as one’s food.

Since time immemorial and with good reason the ingredients of innumerable cosmetic products have been garnered from kitchens and gardens, food that’s well tolerated and effective on your skin. Strawberries tighten the skin; parsley clears the skin’s pores, and cucumber moisturizes it. Flour exfoliates; whey cleans; salt deodorizes, and medicinal clay increases the skin’s suppleness. The active ingredients of age-old and well-tried remedies come from kitchen and garden.

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