Innovation Network Functionality - Thomas Bentivegna - E-Book

Innovation Network Functionality E-Book

Thomas Bentivegna

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Regional developers and network administrators are proud of having the largest number of registered network participants and clicks on their internet platform. However, what ultimately counts are the real business contacts that lead to additional sales, sustainable supplier-relationships, or to innovation projects leading to sustainable competitive advantages for companies and regions. Thomas Bentivegna focuses on ad-hoc networks, which are poorly represented in existing network and innovation literature. He identifies, classifies and categorizes different innovation network types operating in 5 European countries (Switzerland, Germany, England, Ireland, and France) based on data collected from 28 firms. He shows how a basic understanding of the types of innovation networks which are operating in North-West Europe, as well as the typical firm profile for each one, can be an effective tool in helping to support the agenda of several different key innovation actors.

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