Large and Middle-scale Aperture Aspheric Surfaces - Shengyi Li - E-Book

Large and Middle-scale Aperture Aspheric Surfaces E-Book

Shengyi Li

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A complete all-in-one reference to aspheric fabrication and testing for optical applications This book provides a detailed introduction to the manufacturing and measurement technologies in aspheric fabrication. For each technology, both basic theory and practical applications are introduced. The book consists of two parts. In the first part, the basic principles of manufacturing technology for aspheric surfaces and key theory for deterministic subaperture polishing of aspheric surfaces are discussed. Then key techniques for high precision figuring such as CCOS with small polishing pad, IBF and MRF, are introduced, including the basic principles, theories and applications, mathematical modeling methods, machine design and process parameter selection. It also includes engineering practices and experimental results, based on the three kinds of polishing tools (CCOS, IBF and MRF) developed by the author's research team. In the second part, basic principles of measurement and some typical examples for large and middle-scale aspheric surfaces are discussed. Then, according to the demands of low cost, high accuracy and in-situ measurement methods in the manufacturing process, three kinds of technologies are introduced, such as the Cartesian and swing-arm polar coordinate profilometer, the sub-aperture stitching interferometer and the phase retrieval method based on diffraction principle. Some key techniques are also discussed, including the basic principles, mathematical modeling methods, machine design and process parameter selection, as well as engineering practices and experimental results. Finally, the team's research results about subsurface quality measurement and guarantee methods are also described. This book can be used as a reference for scientists and technologists working in optical manufacturing, ultra-precision machining, precision instruments and measurement, and other precision engineering fields. * A complete all-in-one reference to aspheric fabrication and testing for optical applications * Presents the latest research findings from the author's internationally recognized leading team who are at the cutting edge of the technology * Brings together surface processing and measurement in one complete volume, discussing problems and solutions * Guides the reader from an introductory overview through to more advanced and sophisticated techniques of metrology and manufacturing, suitable for the student and the industry professional

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Shengyi LiYifan Dai

National University of Defense Technology













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