Summer Lust II - Patricia Montclair - E-Book

Summer Lust II E-Book

Patricia Montclair

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When twenty year old Jasmine Alexander meets her fantasy lover, Alfredo, and decides to surrender her virginity to him, the encounter comes with consequences. She comes to understand that Alfredo is what he believes himself to be. Jasmine learns that she has been forever changed, not only by the loss of virginity, but deep within her being, and now she needs to develop survival strategies to handle the changes.  Another triple X Erotica story from Patricia Montclair, author of SUMMER LUST: The Virgin Rhapsody.

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Patricia Montclair

Summer Lust II

The Vampire Rhapsody

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Summer Lust II








The Vampire Rhapsody

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Summer Lust II


The Vampire Rhapsody






Patricia Montclair




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This is a work of fiction.  Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.






















Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show 1979










To All Those Who Read My Work

To All Women Wo Want A Man Like Alfredo

To All Men Who Love Women











I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil,


I am a man, I am a vampire.



Michael Romkey - I, Vampire




















Chapter One

Alfredo pulled up to a white building built in a nineteenth century style. The black iron gates separated the structure from the private road.  He inserted a key card into the slot by the gate, and pushed the button.  The huge gates creaked a bit as they swung open.   Alfredo retrieved his card, pulled forward, and started down the road. 

The grand Victorian Gothic mansion, similar in some ways to the style of the Opera House in Paris, featured intricate gardens along the winding driveway to the house.  Oak and maple trees lined the road.  The plots that surrounded the grand Maple trees contained flowers of white.  Those around the Oak tree sprouted flowers of bright red and pink hues.

“This is so beautiful,” said Jasmine.  “Where are we?”

“At my club,” said Alfredo.  “We are just outside Manchester.

“This is a Vampire swinger’s club, Little One.  But, it also has some of the best food in Europe.  It is called ‘Liberalium Clava’, or The Liberal Club in English.”

  Alfredo drove to the rear of the building, to the modern parking lot.  He drew up to the walkway, covered by a canopy.  A valet, dressed in scarlet and gold, scurried to the door and helped Jasmine from the car.

  “Thank you,” said Jasmine.  She stood and waited for Alfredo.  The valet bowed, but did not speak.

  Alfredo, dressed in his black tuxedo, moved around the car, and escorted Jasmine inside the portico.  She transferred her black clutch purse to her right hand, as she and Alfredo walked arm-in-arm into the building.  Her strapless black tea length gown helped her imagine herself a queen.  Her simple strand of pearls and small matching pearl earrings highlighted her gown. 

  The massive lobby of solid oak ran the total length of the first floor. Rose marble panels complimented the warmth of the wood.  Bereft of traditional seating, the tremendous space displayed paintings and artwork of various centuries. 

A nearby wall featured reproductions of the Japanese erotica work of a Suzhou master, with couples having sex, as seen through bedroom windows covered with shades or bed curtains.  The center piece of the grouping depicted the erotic nature of the club, as a man takes the virginity of a maiden in a field.  Miniatures of males with more than one female, etched in the border of the door way, painted in detail, offered suggestions for sexual positions.

Two curved stairways ascended to the second floor mezzanine.  Jasmine surveyed what she could of the balcony wrought iron railings, gilded in gold.  At the foot of each staircase, on both sides, a bust of some unknown ancient stood to lead the way.

Ten crystal chandeliers hung from the vaulted ceilings, spaced throughout the room.   The white plaster ceiling fresco inserts showed elaborate sexual activities, drawn in the Italian style, but with modern equipment. The windows, of cathedral glass, ran from the vaulted ceiling down to the window boxes and the alternate window seats.

They followed the red carpet across the lobby.  The carpet boasted an intricate design of gold.  Alfredo stopped at the massive oak desk and signed an oversized ledger book bound in faded red leather.  Jasmine scanned the room while Alfredo read from another book.  Other than the music that played in the background, no sound or movement emanated.

He led her down a series of corridors to the door he wanted.  The mock Gothic style, with warm wood, intricate detail and overwhelming beauty, made Jasmine gasp in awe at each turn.  Alfredo opened the door to the room.

 Alfredo led her into a ballroom set-up like an oversize living room. Individuals stood around the room and talked in groups of varied numbers. Other couples sat on settees and chatted. Under each small couch or settee, a rug of scarlet with the letters ‘LC’ framed the area.  Oversize porcelain containers with a black, gold and scarlet motif decorated the room in each corner.

Staff, all dressed in scarlet and gold, offered finger foods served on sterling platers edged in gold.   He found a place for them to sit.  A waiter approached and offered menus. 

  Jasmine found her voice, turned to Alfredo and said, “Oh my Lord, Alfredo.  This place is amazing.”  She spoke in whispers, like in a church, her awe reflected in her tone.

Alfredo smiled. “I am so delighted that you like this place.  I think it is the best club in England.  But I am a bit bias.”  He turned and placed a gentle kiss on Jasmine’s lips. 

A staff person approached and bowed.  He held out a silver tray with a small card in the center.  Alfredo picked up the card, read it, and nodded at the servant.

“Come with me, Little One”. 

Alfredo took Jasmine by the hand.  He led her over to a group of five people, two women and three men. 

Alfredo bowed from the waist.  “Offero me uerecundia. Utinam prooemio aliam medietatem.” Alfredo bowed, again.

“Carl and June…Mark and Alice…and Demetrius…this is Miss Jasmine Alexander, my mate.”

“How do you do,” said Jasmine.  “It is very nice to meet you.”

  Demetrius, the man in the center of the group said, “She is lovely, Alfredo. Very strong.”

The group murmured words of welcome to Jasmine.   

A servant in scarlet and gold approached.  He held a gong in his hand.  He struck the gong three times with a small hammer.

“I think we should order,” said Alfredo.  “Our dining room is ready.”


Chapter Two

Jasmine and Alfredo entered a private dining area of the Manchester Liberalium Clava. The room, papered in blue, flocked with gold, with thick blue wool carpets, graced the area of warm old wood reminiscence of movies from the 1930’s that depicted the late nineteenth century.   Images of the interior of the Titanic flooded her mind.  She loved the movie A Night to Remember as well as the 1953 version of Titanic.

In one corner sat a tufted fainting couch-type chaise lounge of blue silk damask.  With plenty of room to dance, a tape-playing facsimile of an old phonograph beckoned then from a sideboard.  Above them, a small crystal chandelier offered flickering light and romantic shadows.

“What did you say to those people?” asked Jasmine. “I could not make out the language.”

“I said, ‘I offer my respect and I wish to introduce my mate…my other half’. 

“It was Latin. We have a few traditions, here.  That was one of them.”

Alfredo leaned across the small oval table and fed Jasmine a lobster-crab salad from a bed of green rice.  He poured her a flute of demi-sec champagne. 

“We can order the main course when you are ready,” said Alfredo.

“After.” She smiled.  Jasmine crossed her arms with his as they drank the champagne.

“This is the first club I’ve been to, and my first champagne… so romantic.  Thank you, Alfredo.”

“De nada.  Sometimes I forget how young you are.  Would you care to dance?”  He went to the phonograph and put on a tape…The Greatest Love Songs.  He pulled out her chair.   She stood and he took her in his arms.   They glided around the room.

“You are a wonderful dancer,” she said. The tension between her legs started at his touch. 

“You too,” he said.   Alfredo kissed her long and deep.  Jasmine put her head on his shoulder.  

“I love show tunes and romantic music.  I always wanted to go to the Café de Paris in Monaco, and the one in London.”  

“How do you even know about them?” asked Alfredo.  “You are so incredible, Little One.  I know I have said it before, but it is true.”

“Thank you, Alfredo.  That means so much to me.  Before I met you, all I did was read and study.  And, when medical school starts, I’ll be back to more of the same.”

She turned her face up to his.  “But for now, I am happy and carefree.”

Alfredo kissed her again.  His hands caressed her breasts and the small of her back. They swayed to the music.  He inched up her mid-length black dress.   He eased his hand up and stroked the inside of her thigh.  Jasmine leaned into his touch.  She sighed and rubbed against his bulge.  She smiled as it swelled before her.