The Weightless Philosophy of Abundance - Tanija Hammer - E-Book

The Weightless Philosophy of Abundance E-Book

Tanija Hammer

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Philosophy of Abundance - The Philosophy of a New Divine Age This book takes you through our reality and well beyond it with a completely new perspective. The book provides deep insight into the world of energy, consciousness, and resonance and provides an outlook on a weightless and free life in abundance, gratitude, and awareness. The energetic truth, shaped in a physical form and explained philosophically, psychologically, physically, biologically, spiritually, lovingly, consciously, humorously, logically, and illogically. This is a work of art in its own right and has the potential to design paradise. The Philosophy of Weightless Abundance. The reminderof your ingenuity. The empowerment to true freedom. The inspiration for your awareness and your heart. The invitation to get you going and to live holistically. Inspiration for a weightless, free, light-hearted, multidimensional life in abundance and consciousness. Writings of a very different New Testament. The Hammer-Inspiration for new and previously unimaginable infinite possibilities !

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Inspiration for a weightless, free, light-hearted,

multidimensional life

in abundance and consciousness.

The reminder of your ingenuity.

Writings of a very different New Testament

The Author

Tanija Hammer

is a creator of consciousness

in a New Dimension,

a creation expert,

and a holistic artist.

Tanija was born in March

1970 and for a long time

lived a “normal” life and

adapted herself to this

reality. She is the mother of

two sons and worked

“successfully” with her

business administration

degree in the financial sector in process


In 2013, she awoke and has since been working on

her consciousness and discovering her

transcendental and supernatural abilities and her

exceptional energetic perception for creative change,

redesigning, and upgrading this world. In many

trainings and courses, and through her own research

and experiments, Tanija develops methods, tools, and

knowledge to empower people to become happy,

free, and conscious creators of their own life and

Earth’s paradise designers.

Table of Contents


The Value of this Book

The Perspective – The Truth

Humanity’s Holistic Questions

The Memory’s Journey to Consciousness




The Source of BEING

Energy and vibration


The power of thoughts and feelings

Conscious creation

Divine, pure, unconditional love

Cosmic/divine wellspring



Chemical elements


Subtle materiality


The wellspring/development of matter

Consciousness of matter


Focus of the transformation

Our transformation on Earth

The transformation of our planet

The Earth – Our Planet

Structure of the planet Earth

The energy process – The development

Beings in human bodies on Earth


Contact to aliens

The Laws of the Earth






Distraction from BEING/diverting energy

Lack and a guilty conscience

Fear – A product of duality?

Dependence and manipulation

Tension as a result of duality

Performance pressure due to the standards of duality

Basis for control

Duality in relationships

Money – Motor of duality

System anchoring of duality

Dimensions of BEING

Pure being

What is a dimension?

The Earth’s current dimensionality

The development to the fi"h dimension

Why now?

The humanity of the future

Universal knowledge


Life in the universe

Mobility of the Future

The path to hovering/flying

Light columns to beam

Galactic mobility/beaming


Birth – Process of forge%ng

Embodiment of a higher consciousness


Hindrances to development

Rejuvenation/Reversal of Aging

Completion of rejuvenation

Support in the process

The Path to Paradise

Inspiration and Stimulation for the New Alignment

New alignment is weightless abundance

Ask – ask – ask

Communication with the body




Bathing in the forest/nature

Sun and ocean

Expansion exercises

Leaving drama behind

Directing energy to joy

Following the so" voice

Lack of intention


No longer fostering duality

Depriving money of power

Dimension agreement/Actions for Futures

Infinite receiving/infinite contributing

Giving up

Cooperation instead of compromises

Ruthlessly cautious

Losing the fear of death



Dissolution in the origin/uncreating

You yourself are the standard

Access Bars

High frequency cell resonance

Touch that changes

Energetic inspiration

Body processes

Body process for withdrawing from duality

Divine upgrade as a remote treatment

Cell resonance through symbols

Symbols/Sacred Geometry

The vibration of clothing

Inspirational clothing


Aqua floating

Other suggestions

Designing Paradise as Creators

Your choice

Assuming and embracing power

Opening up and asking for help


Coronavirus, COVID-19, or CO-CREATION 20?


If you ask a lot of questions, you will receive a lot of answers…

If you ask a variety of open-ended questions, you will receive a variety of answers … and sometimes more than you asked for and ones that are far more complex than our mind can process.

If you ask yourself, you will receive more consciousness about yourself and a deep look into your true being, your capabilities, your body, your drive, and your endless possibilities.

If you don’t just ask people, but also God, the wellspring, the universe, the Earth, nature, the souls, the beings without a body, the angels, matter and everything that exists, you will receive answers from everywhere and can partake in all the knowledge and consciousness and receive the energy and vibration from everything which exists.

That is how this book emerged.

I asked and asked and asked – whomever and whatever I could. Stupid and ingenious questions, crazy and meaningful questions, understandable and incomprehensible questions, specific and completely inconceivable questions. I followed any impulse, any notion, any energy. Often, I asked about what I could ask if I knew exactly what I would still be interested in and what there would still be to discover and know. Most of the time one answer led to a thousand new questions

The answers came from everywhere, often from people (familiar and unfamiliar), from human and inhuman (humanoid) experiences, from nature, from extrasensory perception, from experiments, from art, or simply from becoming aware and consciousness.

Like a sponge I received and absorbed everything, even if I often didn’t understand what it was actually about or what to do with the answer. I was happy and at the same time confused when I put the pieces of the puzzle together to obtain a clear picture for me.

You can certainly imagine that these answers, particularly those from a non-human source, are not easy to capture in words. Much can’t be grasped with our words, our thinking, and our scope of experience, let alone described.

In this book I, nevertheless tried to do so and to grasp the holistic consciousness in words, images, examples, parables, and even in a structure.

This past year I experimented a lot with this knowledge and the expanded consciousness and, in the process, gradually wrote this book.

While I was writing and experimenting, I awakened my memory and resonated ever more with my innate energy, my capabilities, my truth.

At the same time, I always searched for and examined the connection to reality as currently lived, the natural sciences, and Christian belief.

I opened myself, communicated with different forms of consciousness, trained my perception, and confidently followed my inner voice and energy.

Everything has now found its place in the contents of this book, even though it only offers an excerpt or glimpse of some topics.

But that is quite fine because this book is most valuable if you think beyond it, live beyond it, and you enrich it with your energy, capabilities, and knowledge.

Sometimes it is enough to have some impulse that stimulates your own knowledge, that resonates with the individual memory, or inspires you to ask yourself.

That is the idea behind it! It is not about me telling my truth or my view of things, but rather to open your consciousness and your capabilities and to get them vibrating.

The contents of this book are the sum of the perceptions, communications, findings, experiences, and experiments interpreted by me and made tangible.

The book is an invitation to discover yourself, your “heart melody”/rhythm and your inner knowledge, and to trust yourself and life.

It is an amazing HAMMER-INSPIRATION for new – previously UNIMAGINABLE – possibilities.

The Value of this Book

Imagine you could fly or somehow hover over everything and remove yourself from the happenings and laws on Earth and observe everything from afar – from a different perspective.

What would you see?

Or better still, what would you perceive?

Imagine you are so far away that you can no longer recognize anything specific with the naked eye and you would use all of your senses – those you already know and maybe others you don’t yet know – to perceive.

What would you then perceive?

What would you take as being true?

Can you imagine that many things would present themselves differently than from how we see, believe, or take them as being true?

Can you imagine how some things which present themselves here as being so real and irrefutable would lose their significance?

Can you imagine how contexts, relationships, effects, and energies would become visible, much clearer, and more aware?

Can you imagine that it is easier to recognize the overall picture – the big picture?

Can you imagine how the knowledge or the notion of the meaning and value of life and of you yourself can really change?

If something is stirring in you that wants to know more or if something in you remembers that there is more than you have perceived before, or you are simply curious about what can happen which you cannot yet even imagine, then read on.

This book can be very valuable for you.

Otherwise, the book is probably not for you. Close it, exchange it, or gift it to someone whom you think is “weird”.

The Perspective – The Truth

Let’s assume it’s possible for some people to catapult themselves into the universe and to view and observe people, our Earth, or maybe even our solar system, or the entire universe from above or from afar.

Would you be interested in what is perceptible and “taken as the truth” there? Would you like to be in it and take part in it?

Assuming I could do that, then the knowledge I reveal in this book would be my perception, my view of things, and the experience from my/our galactic trips and of the energetic communication.

At any rate, everything I describe here is true for me. Some of it can be explained scientifically, some of it, however, is very removed from today’s science. Some of it appears logical, some of it is completely irrational.

Some of it the mind can grasp, but most of it can only be experienced with the heart and/or sensed with our awareness, and much can also be perceived with our body.

Whatever you come across in this book:

Internalize it and let it work …

And find out what is true for you.

Because that’s what it’s about. I am merely passing on inspiration which reminds you of yourself and your truth.

If something feels light for you or appears bright, then it is probably true for you. If something feels inspiring, stimulating, opening, or exciting for you, then your memory is probably awakened and can lead you to your truth.

Do not try to grasp the contents of the book with your mind. The mind is limited and can only deal with previous knowledge and past experiences.

What is described here is new knowledge, and the possibilities go far beyond the limits of the mind, something your ego won’t be pleased about. ;-) So, don’t even try that, let the knowledge and the stimulations come to you in a different way and reach into you. For instance, via your bodily sensation, breathing, or simply via a notion that there can be truth in it or that new possibilities open up for you. That’s all it takes.

Don’t agree or resist.

Simply internalize it.

Then you will sense what is true for you and which possibilities this book opens up for you personally.

Humanity’s Holistic Questions

If you look at everything from the universe, you not only see the Earth’s laws from a different perspective, but you can also recognize completely new laws, connections, and resources.

What can be perceived there provides an idea, or insight, or even answers to so many of humanity’s questions:

What is the original source of all BEING?

Who am I really in my purest essence?

Where do I come from and where am I headed?

What is the meaning of life?

Who or what is God?

Where is He and how does He reveal Himself to us?

How do science and belief/theology go together?

How do the different theories of creation/cosmogony go together?

What is creation?

Who is the creator? What constitutes a creator?

Who determines what? Who can change what?

Is everything predetermined or changeable at any time?

Is there an overarching plan?

Are there limits, obligations, a framework?

What does freedom mean?

Is there a soul and what does that mean?

Do we have to adjust to reality or does reality adjust to us?

How can we create reality according to our ideas, life ideas, or visions?

How far do our power and our freedom go?

What effect do our thoughts, our questions, our judgments, our views, our ideas have?

Where are we in our dreams?

What happens during our dreams?

Do we need sleep?

Do we need food?

Do we need relationships?

What are we capable of?

How can we fly, walk on water, go through walls, beam ourselves?

What does death mean? How are we immortal?

What is health? What is our original state?

What do we all have in the genes?

How can we change our body?

Can we “reverse” the aging process?

What makes us younger?

What connects us as people?

How are we all connected?

Are we all independent individuals or are we all oneness /ALL ONE? Or both?

What can we achieve, change, live from within ourselves and what just in connection with others?

What is the relationship between humans and Earth?

What is it to us and what are we to it?

Are there other beings/life forms in the universe?

How do they live? What are they like? How do they communicate? How do they procreate?

What connects us? What is comparable? What isn’t?

Do they know of our existence? Can they maybe even perceive us?

How is communication or an exchange possible with them?

Are there other beings/life forms here on Earth with us?

If so, what is their task? What is their intention? How does that make sense for us?

What ways of life or dimensions of BEING are there?

Where are we? Where do we stand?

In which direction can we as humanity develop?

Can we communicate with other life forms/beings?

How can we communicate with animals, with plants, with the Earth, with spiritual beings, with light beings?

Do we all have the same origin?

Do we all come from one source?

What does the source of all BEING look like?

What does it do? What can it do? What is it made of?

What does it give? Was streams out of it?

Was constitutes it?

What access do we have to it?

What all can we draw from it?

What holds all BEING together?

What is our connection to the whole universe?

Is the universe in any way finite? If so, what comes after it?

What does infinite mean?

Is there a heart of the world? What is this world heart?

With what knowledge and with which possibilities do we come into the world?

Is there knowledge to which every person or each being has access?

How can we recall everything we know, and what we are, and what we are capable of?

What would the world look like if we had access to all our knowledge, all our capabilities, and if we were aware of our perfect creative power?

The Memory’s Journey to Consciousness

Let’s assume that you have all knowledge in this world and all the capabilities in YOU.

If that is too much for you or sounds too unlikely, then let’s just assume you have access to all knowledge and access to all the capabilities and possibilities of this world. Imagine a gigantic cloud in the universe to which theoretically every being has access.

In practice, only a few people use this cloud.

Most people don’t even know it exists.

Some know or guess it exists, but don’t know how they can access it; they don’t know or no longer know its “access code”.

Some people have access and don’t know what to do with it, what they want to choose and use from the cloud.

There are two keys as it were for this cloud – which can also be described as universal consciousness:

Consciousness (memory/recollection)

Choice (selection/decision/will/vision)


Most people no longer remember who they are. They don’t remember everything they carry inside them or what they are actually capable of and which resources they can use for themselves.

Many have an idea of this and are on a journey to themselves. Some search their whole life.

There are meanwhile a great many entirely different possibilities – physical, mental, psychological, spiritual, and energetic methods – to find yourself and to once again create the connection to your body, your heart, your life, to people, to the Earth, to the universe, and to God.

Almost all of these methods, tools, and ideas are possibilities to unlock your own consciousness and to remember.

That is what it is mainly about here:

About memory!!

It is about raising awareness for THAT again, which you have forgotten about yourself, your capabilities, your knowledge, and about your possibilities. If you remember all that, you also remember the so-called cloud here and your individual “access code”.

In doing that you also have the ability to have knowledge about everything and to be part of the universal consciousness.

This book is a journey of consciousness which is intended to remind you.

The ideas, examples, and comparisons in this book amount to the attempt to express some contents from the universal consciousness, the knowledge of the “cloud” translated into our language, and to thereby stimulate your memory.

Since you have the knowledge and all the capabilities in you, recollection is possible as long as you allow it and are open for it.

Stimulating your memory is done by the law of resonance.

You notice if what is written here is resonating with you, if the energy of a sentence, an explanation, a question, or if an example meets with an energy in you (your ”hidden“ knowledge/your truth), which vibrates on the same frequency or is in harmony with this frequency.

It can feel like something is moving in you, vibrating, waking up, gaining in light or space, or as though a door or a window is opened.

Many feel the response with the own inner truth via a light, spacious, or brightened bodily sensation. Some also sense the energy of this response through a twitching, or flashes which go through the body.

Some get goosebumps, or warm or cold rushes go through the body.

At any rate things start to vibrate again.

As a result of the response, the wave/amplitude of the vibration increases and receives more energy and becomes noticeable – in whatever form.

The memory starts to engage because we sense that something is dormant in us, that there is more than what we previously perceived. We get a sense, an idea of what could reveal itself.

And so, we gradually become aware of this energy, this truth, this knowledge.

To this end no acquired knowledge is needed, no preparation, no particular level, no initiation – just openness and the choice to allow it.

Are you ready for your consciousness?

Are you ready to become aware of who you are?

Are you ready to become aware of everything you know?

Are you ready to remember your truth?

Are you ready to perceive what resonates with you?

This book is an inspiration and an invitation for you to be more, to know more, to do more, to receive more, to experience more, and to use more possibilities.

Just what this MORE is exactly and what it means for you is something only you know and determine yourself.

This book is an empowerment to memory and a journey to consciousness for you.


With recollection and consciousness, you also have the capability to have all knowledge and to be part of universal consciousness.

For this the second key for the “cloud” is needed – the choice/selection/decision.

If you could have access to all knowledge, what would you want to know?

What would be valuable for you?

What would be conducive to your life?

What knowledge would be the biggest contribution in order to implement everything, to live, to change, to be what you wish for your life and from yourself?

What is your vision, your idea, your calling, your biggest/greatest wish?

If you know that, then you can very easily choose what you need from the universal conscious for the life of your life’s dream.

The choice/decision is up to you.

Without choice and without will, however, nothing happens.

Everything can be at your feet, you can see all the possibilities … if you choose nothing, nothing will happen.

Knock and the door will be opened.

Ask and you will receive an answer.

Choose and you change/move, and new possibilities arise.

What you personally want and choose are key. To do so you need a notion, an idea, a vision, or at least a flash of intuition about what your life is actually about and what you personally want from life.

That can, of course, be something which applies for many people, but it can also be something which only applies quite uniquely to you, or to which only you have access, or of which only you are capable.

You are ultimately the key for everything.

Only you know what you really want to live, know, be able to do, and want to be. Only you know what really makes you happy. Only you know what your greatest, most valuable asset is or what your wildest experience is, your idea that is most out of touch with reality. Only you know what is possible with your uniqueness, your being, your body, your experiences, and your capabilities.

Only you know what exactly you want and can change in this world. Only you know what a valuable and unique treasure you can be for humanity and this world.

If you know that – recall that – and choose it, everything is possible and, in no time, you can change yourself and your reality, experience yourself anew, and with a “connection to the cloud” and the universal consciousness perhaps even change the whole world.

When choosing it is conducive if you know the innermost truth and take it to be true.

The good thing is that consciousness and truth go together.

The more conscious you become and the more you remember, the clearer your view of yourself, your truth, your vision, and of your value.

This journey of remembering can lead you to both keys:

to consciousness and to your truth, which helps you to choose.


And incidentally, QUESTIONS can really get the memory going!!

Questions create awareness about yourself, about situations, about connections, about methods, and about reality.

Has it ever happened that while asking a question you suddenly had an idea or even clarity about the answer?

How often has it happened to you that in response to an inner or intended question an answer came or the awareness and the clarity of how things are?

Questions bring awareness, immediately or a little delayed, inwardly or from impetus/inspiration from the outside.

That is why questions will be repeatedly asked in this book.

Open-ended questions like WHAT or HOW open up and trigger your memory, search for resonance inwardly in you, and create it where appropriate.

But questions can do even more!

They create what you are asking about.

Questions also look for a response outwardly – for an energy which corresponds to the energy/vibration of your question and draw the corresponding result, knowledge, event, experience which is the answer to you in your life.

That is the law of attraction and resonance which you can very simply utilize.

If you want to really get going, ask, ask, ask – don’t stop asking, about everything you want to know, about everything which you to date only had an inkling of, about everything you can’t imagine, or how it works.

To do this, you don’t need someone opposite you or someone who knows more than you – you can simply ask the universe, God, nature, air, or simply just yourself.

In my book, Asking Creates Miracles, you will find inspiration as to what creative questions could look like as well as a basis and collection of creating questions for the different areas.

This book is an upgrade, which can catapult your life, loves, and work into a New Dimension and make you the director of your life.

If you would like to really get going, I invite you to also read Asking Creates Miracles by Tanija Hammer or to internalize it holistically because it also contains energetically vibrating art: ARTanija

With or without this book I invite you to ask questions…

What would it be like if you yourself didn’t have to have an answer? What would it be like if there is no “right” answer?

What if there are only “right” questions and you could change your whole life with one question?

What would our world look like if people no longer looked for the “right” answer and people no longer had the “right” answer or had to be right?

What could be created if we all just asked questions?

The Source of BEING

What is the source of all BEING?

What is the original, the essence, the innermost which constitutes this entire cosmos?

Maybe this is how our in-depth journey to consciousness should start in this book.

Of course, with none other than a question.

For a closer examination of this question, the following draws on existing knowledge, so current scientific findings as well as on the awareness revealed to me when asking endless, holistic questions. The following descriptions, ideas, examples, and comparisons are both part of and the results of my individual journey of recollection.

Energy and vibration

Everything is energy and vibrates

Our entire universe and our whole life and BEING are a form of energy.

Energy can be perceived as a vibration; through its frequencies it can be measured and the law of attraction explained.

Everything is energy! Regardless of whether it is recognized before our very eyes as solid matter in the form of objects or whether it is our ideas, feelings, and thoughts. Simply everything on this Earth and even in the entire universe is a form of energy.

And all matter – regardless of the physical state (solid, liquid, gas) – has a certain vibration frequency – the so-called basic frequency.

The foundation is based on the vibration of all of the individual molecules contained therein, which, in turn, as a whole give off a certain vibration “outwardly”.


Resonance means resonating/vibrating on the same frequency (commonly known as wavelength) or responding to a vibration on the same frequency.

As a result, the natural vibration and the energy of the vibration increase.

That means the swing of the vibration – the amplitude – increases. It can even “build up” to such an extent that solid matter is destroyed (e.g., glass breaks/a bridge collapses). That shows how powerful resonance can be.

Resonance can supply a system with energy, increase the extent of the vibration, and, given the right circumstances, destroy/break up solid matter that does not allow for free vibrating.

Because everything is energy and everything vibrates – even we as people and everything in us – all of these effects have an impact on us, too, and we can take advantage of them. Even the destruction/break up is a welcome opportunity if you, for instance, think of ingrained blockages or entrenched thought structures.

But resonance can do more!

It is also an organizing and creative power.

The law of resonance – also called the law of attraction – is a basic principle of the universe. In its simplest formulation it is that like attracts like.

What is meant is, the same vibration is attracted and, with that, also the energies which vibrate the same way. It doesn’t matter whether this vibration belongs to solid matter in the form of objects, to the body of the person, or to invisible energies like ideas, feelings, or thoughts.

For us as people that has the following effect:

We attract the “same vibration”, so things, people, feelings, thoughts, etc., which vibrate the same and which are compatible with us.

The reverse also applies. We can only come into contact with things, people, feelings, thoughts etc. with which we resonate. Without the same “wavelength” we do not even perceive the energy (it or the other). It bypasses us, as it were. So, the attraction excludes some things for us.

The law of resonance is a natural law that does not know any valuation, it is completely impartial, impersonal, and possibly even unjust.

But it reacts very precisely and exactly.

And the law of resonance works all the time.

That means if something came to you, then you attracted it with your vibration.

We can compare ourselves to a tuning fork. If we are tuning a tuning fork and there is another tuning fork nearby calibrated to the same frequency, it vibrates all by itself.

The tuning fork does not react to any other sound/ vibration.

As a result of our many thoughts, feelings, and ideas, we can carry many such tuning forks in us. The makeup of our world depends on which tuning forks are in us at a given time.

But energy and vibration are not fixed. They are changeable and variable at any time.

The power of thoughts and feelings

How can you change energy?

What changes vibrations?

The power of our thoughts and feelings does, for instance. Thoughts and feelings are also a form of energy and this, in turn, generates a certain form of vibration.

Have you ever perceived the different vibrating of various emotional states – in you or in someone else?

Which vibrations can you “feel” if we find ourselves in a state of anger or depression? How about in a state of complete joy and happiness?

If we observe ourselves or even notice the reaction of our counterpart in different emotional states, can you perceive that the vibration we give off (our aura), is even more far-reaching and significant than you thought?

Are you aware of which creativity lies in our vibration, or which power of creation and manifestation your own aura has?

What if for all experiences and states in the future our vibration/aura were key?

What if we were to create our life and our future completely by ourselves on the basis of our own energy which we emit?

This idea/worldview can be essentially explained with hermetic laws – like the law of resonance/attraction – and with quantum physics, so, basically, scientifically.

We attract exactly the results and experiences in our life which vibrate on the same frequency which we emit. That is shown in everything each individual experiences – daily, in the past, and also in the future!

If, as people, we change something consciously or unconsciously with our energy vibration, e.g., through changed thoughts, we resonate with the same and attract changed experiences and events in our life given a relevant/constant vibration change.

Everything is created out of the vibration which we adopt/emit and, simply put, from our ideas, thoughts, and feelings!

Everything which we attract to us and experience in our life, is based on these laws and is ultimately a product, a creation of ourselves.

As people, how aware are we of this?

What does this mean for our life?

How much do we create unconsciously (unintentionally) and how much actually consciously?

What would your life look like if you could determine and create it completely on your own? Which thoughts, feelings, and ideas would you then think, feel, or have, and let vibrate in you? How consciously would you then choose and create?