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Your Unseen Guide E-Book

Carolyn S. Halsted

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Experience the life-changing power of Carolyn S. Halsted with this unforgettable book.

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Your Unseen Guide

Carolyn S. Halsted





PERHAPS it has been your destiny, like mine, to come into close touch with your guide, in which case my experience will seem to you very real and natural, but to the average individual it will require some elucidation to arouse faith and a clear comprehension of what I have been and am passing through.

In going among people to introduce my first book, I find that others have had somewhat similar experiences to mine but on a small scale, mostly for their own personal guidance and not to bring any definite message to the world as I am made to do by my own guide. One lady hears, as she supposes, the voices of her husband and son, which, of course, are just the voice of her guide.

My former parlor mate at college hears a voice which is so masculine, as is also his way of leading her, that she thought it must be that of her father. It is that of her guide. She is and always has been a fortunate person, and as such is her destiny, her guide is able to lead her along the even tenor of her ways very satisfactorily. She declares that when she obeys his mandates all goes well with her, but if she does not heed him and follows her own inclinations in some matter where he is opposed to her way, she always regrets it. She has learned it is wisest to obey his voice. She calls him her guardian angel. She is an intelligent woman and was so successful at college that the faculty asked her to return after graduation and teach, which she did for one year, and then married. She is now the mother of two sons and a daughter. She says the owner of the voice is her constant companion and she feels as if she could not live without him.

A woman well known socially and philanthropically on taking my book said she should be interested in reading it because she had experiences of her own with the ouija board.

Another one has clairvoyant powers.

A business woman has told me about her automatic writing with a pencil. She has had other psychic experiences, also, such as hearing unaccountable noises. At one time when she was ill her trained nurse as well as she heard the strange rappings and other sounds, which made her ask if the lady were a spiritualist. One night she was lifted in bed and’ turned on her other side by some unknown force. Her writing is dictated by a man who tells her his name. He says he lived on this earth formerly and was a newspaper man. He makes her write poetry and says he loves her. She answers mental questions about which she knows nothing. For instance, a friend asks a question in her own mind without uttering a word. The lady then writes an answer which is prophetic and it comes true. All this seems mysterious, but is perfectly comprehensible when you know that the guide of every woman has entire control over her mind and leads her to do various things for a purpose: to show us that we are in direct communication with people in another state of existence, for my guide gives me to understand that there is a state before we reach the final heaven of the Bible, the latter being a world something on the order of our own earth.

Your unseen guide may not be your unknown guide, he may have already revealed himself to you as mine has to me, and if such is the case you will feel as I do, that you know him almost as well as if you could see him. If he has not done this he is guiding you the same but by a somewhat different method. He is doing your thinking for you, while if he has revealed himself to you he is permitting your mind to remain in abeyance and receive the impressions made on it by his talking to you.

Let us take a typical person and see how she is guided unconsciously, yourself, for example. It is best to study a woman first because she is being guided by a young man who stands in the light of a husband to her for eternity. We can study a typical man afterwards. The girl who is leading him is the wife of someone else and therefore does not bear to him such an important relation. Let us assume that you are an average well-born woman. Your guidance is narrowed down to a plain case of mind over matter. The young man who is shaping your destiny has a mind so miraculous that he has the power to do anything he may see fit to do with it. But he must follow your prescribed destiny which he knows at length from the moment he begins to take charge of you. He must work it in accordance with the laws of psychology, such as the laws of chance, the law of compensation, the law of give and take; also by the language of psychology, all the time foreshadowing what is to come to you hour by hour and day by day as well as year by year.

It is a complicated piece of work. He holds you in the hollow of his hand, as it were. But he is quite equal to it. My guide sometimes informs me he is entirely able to take care of himself and of his girl as well, meaning me. He knows your every slightest degree of consciousness, and well he might, as he is giving it to you. All the mental processes of which you are conscious, such as your intuition, your instinct, your conscience, are only your guide’s mind controlling yours, and making you think and feel as he wishes in order to keep you in your prescribed path. I look back now and go over how I thought and spoke and behaved before I knew I was being guided. I presume I was doing very much as other people were and are, as I was always practically the average person, only that I had my own individuality, precisely as everyone has. I had my ideas as to what I wanted to do and have, and put them into practice so far as circumstances, seen and unforeseen, allowed.