A simple approach to fundamental analysis of financial markets - Stefano Calicchio - E-Book

A simple approach to fundamental analysis of financial markets E-Book

Stefano Calicchio

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How much is a company worth? How do metals and commodities markets move? Which financial sectors have the highest growth expectations? To answer questions like these it is necessary to study the events that anticipate and move markets. For the first time in Italy, a comprehensive and accessible guide will help you do this, showing you the basics of how the subject works. Inside the practical handbook you will discover all the information you need to really understand the tools of fundamental analysis and to start creating your own reports. From the collection and management of microeconomic and macroeconomic data to their analysis, from the study of corporate balance sheets to the monitoring of international ratings and much more. The reader will learn step by step how to confront the global market without hesitation and how to study any financial instrument through the filter of fundamental analysis. Forget the ineffective thousand-page theoretical manuals sold at crazy prices on the web and finally enjoy a read that will give you the know-how you are looking for at an unbeatable price.

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Stefano Calicchio


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Table of contents



General considerations on fundamental analysis

In-depth definition

Differences between fundamental and technical analysis

Uncommon uses of fundamental analysis

How to use fundamental analysis

How to collect analysis data

Analysis of macroeconomic data

The analysis of microeconomic data

The annual accounts

Applying budget data

The real estate sector

International Monetary Management

Oil and energy variables

Commodities and raw materials

Corporate Communications

Public and private reports

Latest tips


Self-Assessment Test


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