Reptilians - Daniel Ikelman - E-Book

Reptilians E-Book

Daniel Ikelman

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What if humanity was not the work of a creator God, but of aliens who manipulated our genes? What would happen if we knew that their descendants remain until today in human-like beings, but belonging to that race? The Sumerian tablets found in different archaeological sites have been distributed in libraries, museums and archives throughout the entire planet, to hide a truth that is both strange and terrifying. If it were true that they descended to Earth to improve humanity, now they seem to have changed their minds.

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What if humanity was the work of aliens?

One of the so-called “conspiracy theories” of today in based on reptilians. As happens with this type of theories, there are many variants and argumentation lines, there is real and irrefutable historical data mixed with stories that are difficult to verify. But the reptilians’ theory is interesting to say the least, as it involves a review of the myths of the creation of humanity in different ancient civilizations, and also focuses on what History as a discipline cannot explain convincingly.

As it is a “conspiracy theory”, it receives immediate discrediting by the dominant narrative, and its place on the Internet and in the media is due to this same status: it is necessary to do a lot of research to find the ideas that support this information, since the first thing that jumps out is that it is another delusion of the “conspirators”.

The theory of the reptilian (and extraterrestrial) origin of the dominant caste is often fused with other theories that speak of elite groups that have conspired over the centuries to maintain economic power and dominance, and to keep a large part of humanity subdued. Reptilian theories are often mixed with the stories of the Illuminattis, the Globalist Agenda and the Bilderberg Group. It is said that reptilians live among us, camouflaged with humans. They are beings with chilling intelligence and power, among which are members of the royalty, presidents and bankers.

But referring to the reptilians implies addressing what is considered the first civilization in history, inventors of writing and the wheel, who also bequeathed knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and the bases of law in the way of written rules. The existence of this civilization represents a break with what until then had been nomadic groups: an evolutionary leap of enormous proportions.

Part of the Sumerian legacy are the clay tablets on which, in addition to leaving trade records, for example, they wrote the story about how it all started. In the Mesopotamia formed by the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, in an area that today occupies Iraq, at least 3,500 years before Christ, the Sumerians wrote the history of the Anunnaki, reptilian-shaped beings that had come down from heaven, had enslaved men and also endowed them with knowledge.

Many other civilizations, distant in time and space, share similar creation myths, with beings of different reptilian shapes, in similar tales. This coincidence is at least disturbing, and raises questions about the true origin of civilizations.

It is also striking that the Sumerian civilization continues to play a relative role in school history, for example, and that the Bible is still talked about so much: in the Sumerian texts, written long before, the stories of Adam and Eve were already told, so were others, such as the universal flood and the Tower of Babel.

History is a narrative based on files, texts and objects. As a narrative, it involves fragmentation and editing, it is not a “universal truth” and it changes through time. What if humanity was not the work of a creator God, but the work of extraterrestrial beings who manipulated our genes to dominate us? What if that caste lasted until today, as beings of human appearance but belonging to this race? The reptilian theory allows us to ask ourselves these and many other questions.

Sumeria, the land of “watchmen”