24/7 * My Story as a Slave - Eva van Mayen - E-Book

24/7 * My Story as a Slave E-Book

Eva van Mayen



I responded to a relevant advertisement. A well-groomed man was looking for a maid who knew how to spoil a gentleman. I got in touch. The man who had placed the ad turned out to be not only a true gentleman. He also knew how to deal with my submissive pain horny streak. I decided to stay with him and be at his disposal day and night. As a maid and housemaid as well as an always willing slave...as well as for the pleasure of his friends....

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My Story

as a


A Hard SM-Story


Eva van Mayen


Title: 24/7 * My Story as a Slave

Author: Eva van Mayen

ISBN: 9783959248105

All rights reserved.It is not allowed to reproduce or publish this work in whole or in part without prior written permission.





24/7 * My Story as a Slave

24/7 * My Story as a Slave

In the ad it said:

"Well-groomed middle-aged man with good income seeks maid. You can perfectly manage a household and spoil a real gentleman? Then contact me with a meaningful photo. Housing available, which must be used around the clock."

This ad on a relevant Internet platform aroused my interest. Why not? I had been unemployed for almost a year. Household was not my problem and I could also spoil a man. It was damn hard for me to keep my apartment. And I didn't have a family to live with in case of need. S

So I wrote a reply: "Dear Sir, I read your advertisement with interest. I am currently unemployed and would be happy to lead your household. It is also no problem for me to live in your house. After completion of all work, I am of course available for further tasks. I hope you like the attached photo. Please send me your reply."

The photo showed me naked in a provocative pose on my bed. My former boyfriend had taken it. Unfortunately, he did not know how to deal with my submissive streak, so I separated from him half a year ago.

But now quickly the letter to the post office and hope.


Every day I looked forward to the letter carrier. In vain. It took more than a week until the longed-for letter was finally in my box.

"I will see you next Friday at 3:32 p.m. on platform 2 at the main station!“

That's all it said.

I quickly turned on the Internet and searched for the right train connection.

Sure enough, after only an hour's travel time, my train would arrive on time at the aforementioned platform. So I quickly booked a ticket, after all it was already Thursday.

How long should I stay there?

What should I pack?

Questions over questions.

Helplessly I stood in front of my wardrobe. First, a few chic lingerie wandered into the travel bag, a few more tops, my skintight leggings, two miniskirts, hold-ups in different colors and a light summer dress. I believed to be prepared for all occasions. For the trip I chose black suspenders, a miniskirt and a tight top. I could safely do without a bra. I was still young and my breasts stood perfectly.

Punctually I sat on the train. My hands were wet with excitement. Who was waiting for me? Was he really a gentleman, as he had written? What did he expect from me? With these questions in mind, my train rolled inexorably toward its destination.


Now I was standing on the platform, looking around furtively. Suddenly I heard a very masculine voice behind me.

"You wait for me. Come with me, we're going home."

Startled, I turned around. In front of me was a man, about 50 years old, very well-groomed and expensively dressed. His friendly smile drew me directly under his spell. As if in a trance, I followed him to his car.

"You are here for a trial weekend. I want to know if you meet my standards. In every respect. I also want you to be able to try out whether you want to stay with me. If we both agree, you'll have a week to think it over. In this time you can also settle your affairs and organize your move. It is important to me that you live with me willingly."

A quiet "Yes, Master!" was my only answer.

The car ride went on in silence. Outside the city, he turned into a small street that ended at a large gate, which he opened with a remote control. He continued down the road and stopped in front of a large modern house. Many of the walls were completely glazed. So I could see from the outside that the interior was also very modern.

The Master asked me to enter. Astonished, I looked around. I had expected many things, but not this extraordinary ambience. Everything was so noble, the living rooms open and bright, so that I stopped impressed.

He showed me my room.

"Clean up and be back downstairs in half an hour. Your work clothes are in the dresser."

My room was large and also very modernly furnished. The bathroom had a tub and a shower. I went to take a shower. Although I was always well shaved, to be on the safe side, I ran over the crucial areas again, creamed myself and opened the dresser. My work clothes consisted of black hold-ups and a maid's uniform. The black dress was extremely short. My breasts peeked out of two openings in the top. The attached apron covered my breasts only up to my nipples.

A quick glance in the large mirror. The beginnings of my buttocks were visible. My breasts were sticking out tightly. I looked horny. The sandals with the dangerously high heels underlined my well-built legs.

So I made my way downstairs to the living room. The gentleman sat on one of the big white leather sofas and examined me. I began to turn slowly. Full of pride in my attractive body, I wanted to present myself to him.

"There are some ingredients in the refrigerator. Prepare me some dinner!"

He didn't say anything else. Had I pleased him? He showed no reaction. I stumbled in the direction indicated to get right to work. The ingredients were exquisite. So I began to prepare a small menu. The table in the dining room was quickly set for the Master. He had in the meantime fetched a bottle of wine from the cellar.

"Why did you set the table for only one person?"

"I'm just your employee, I'll have a snack in the kitchen."

He just nodded and smiled at me. Had I done everything right? He seemed to enjoy the food. After he had also enjoyed the dessert, I cleaned up the kitchen and joined him in the living room.

"May I be of further service to you?"

I followed his hint and stepped closer to him.

"Now I want to see if you can spoil a man."

Only too gladly. I knelt in front of him and began to massage his cock through his pants. What I felt there already impressed me. Slowly I opened his pants and freed his best piece from its tight prison. I began to gently lick the tip of his half erect cock. My tongue danced on his glans, played with the little frenulum and caressed his shaft until I finally took him deep in my mouth. He tasted just wonderful.

His hands had started massaging my breasts. My nipples stood out stiff and hard. First tenderly, then more firmly, he pinched my nipples. This made me so horny that I literally fucked his cock with my mouth. His moans showed me that I was doing a good job.

With several violent thrusts, he finally poured into my mouth. I had great difficulty swallowing everything.

After I had licked his cock clean, I remained kneeling in front of him and looked at his relaxed face.

"I expect you to be available for me at any time. That you do or let do with you what I want, I do not need to mention. It will not always be as tender as it was just now. If I wish it, my guests will also enjoy themselves with you. Get up and lay across the table, I want to fuck you now!"

I willingly stood up and took the desired position. My short skirt I took up, so that my ass was freely available. I felt his hand tenderly on my buttocks. Then a few light strokes hit my buttocks.

"I'm going to warm up your butt first. I see you like that. Your cunt is already getting all wet."

If he knew I was already wet since the morning. The whole thing had already been getting me very aroused all day.

"I think your ass is now at operating temperature."

My backside was on fire. Certainly my butt was bright red. With two fingers he penetrated deep into my wet cunt. I enjoyed being fucked by him like this. Soon he pushed his cock deep and demanding into my hot hole. Powerful hard thrusts made me moan lustfully. My juices began to flow.

He fucked me to my first orgasm that night, but did not let up and pushed his cock into my body to the hilt. It was just awesome to be taken like that.

I should turn around and hold my legs spread wide. From the front he continued to fuck me. With a firm grip he kneaded my breasts. Every pinch in my nipples made me even hornier. This man had stamina.

I soon had several orgasms behind me. My horny cries and my flowing juices seemed to turn him on more and more. With a loud moan, he finally shot his semen down my throat. Of course, after that it was my job to lick his cock clean. The mixture of sperm, sweat and pussy juice tasted simply delicious.

"You seem to enjoy sex. That's a good condition for your job. Tomorrow we'll see where your limits are and if you're willing to push them."

I was told to sit with him some more. His hand caressed my legs and disappeared under my short skirt. Tenderly he caressed my pussy. What can I say, I was already coming back to life.

"Go to my bedroom and warm my bed."

Should I no longer come to a release? But now I had to do my work first. In his bedroom there was a very large bed. The silk bedding was cold. I quickly took off my clothes and slipped under his covers. It took some effort to warm up the cold silk. Hopefully he gave me enough time.

When he entered the bedroom the bed was already nice and warm. He sent me to my room. Not without giving me instructions for breakfast. Stirred up by the experiences of the day, I needed some time to fall asleep.


Suddenly something tore me from my sleep. The gentleman was standing beside my bed.

"Stand up and present your ass to me. You will wear this plug during this night. I want your ass dilated for me tomorrow."

Hesitantly, I got out of bed and assumed the desired position. I noticed him spreading a lubricating cream on my rosette. But it was only through the pain, as it began to stretch, that I realized this was not a dream. Tears streamed down my face, but he kept pushing inexorably.

Finally, the plug had reached its position. My rosette enclosed the plug. So now I should continue to sleep. That was easier said than done. My butt hole ached. Finally, however, I fell into a restless sleep. Until the alarm clock rang.

Under the shower I enjoyed the warm water. Slowly I removed the plug and rinsed my bowels. The Master should finally find a clean playmate. I lubricated my butt hole with lubricant as a precaution. My uniform was quickly put on and so I began to prepare breakfast. It was lovely weather, so I covered on the terrace. The property was surrounded by a high hedge, so I didn't mind working outside in my clothes in front of the house.

The Master arrived on time and enjoyed his breakfast. Meanwhile, I sat in the kitchen, which was quickly cleaned up after breakfast. I went back to my Master.

"Master, do you have any further instructions for me?"

"Go into the annex and choose a device with which I should warm your ass."

A little uncertainly, I walked through the garden into the nearby annex. Here, too, the walls were glazed. Even from a distance I could see that he had set up a playroom there. Playroom was a bit too nice an expression, perhaps it would have been better to say torture chamber.

There was a St. Andrew's cross on the wall. There was also a trestle, a Spanish rider, a stretch bed, and chains, grommets, and ropes everywhere. In a quiver were various percussion instruments. Crops and sticks made of various materials. Whips and paddles hung on the wall.

What should I choose. Unfortunately, I did not have enough experience to know the consequences of my choice. So I chose a paddle. I humbly knelt in the middle of the room as the Master entered.

"Ok, you have chosen the paddle. All right, lie down over the trestle. Will you hold still, or shall I tie you down."

"Please, Master, I'm still too inexperienced to know what's coming. Please tie me down."

Smiling kindly, he nodded and began to tie me to the trestle with wide leather cuffs. He started with light strokes on my seat. So it was not so bad. But the blows got harder.

I noticed how the blows turned me on. My cunt became wet. The juice began to run down my legs.

"You little slut. So spankings turn you on. Then you shall have more of them. When you're really horny, I'm going to fuck you."

More violent blows hit my bottom. I was literally leaking. I couldn't help it, I got so horny and started moaning loudly.

The strokes suddenly stopped and I noticed his cock entering me. His powerful thrusts made me come. I screamed out my orgasm and my cunt juice flowed.

His cock changed holes. With one firm thrust, he disappeared into my butthole. The pain made me cry out.

"Yes, you cunt, scream! This is turning me on. I'm going to fuck your ass now until I cum. Just scream out your pleasure."

My Masters cock fucked my ass. It made me horny. I got one orgasm after another. Finally, the Master also came with a loud scream and injected me his whole load deep into the intestine.

When he withdrew, he left me lying. Only after I had calmed down a bit he untied me. I should continue to wear the leather cuffs. That way I would be prepared for another use.

"Wash yourself and then do your chores."

Quickly I went into the adjoining bathroom and began to clean myself.


Back in the house, I began to tidy the bedrooms and clean the bathrooms. Then I prepared lunch for the Master.

"You know you are here for a trial weekend. I also want to take the opportunity to test whether you can be fucked by my guests. That's why I invited some friends to a poker game. You are the win. If I lose a round, you are at the disposal of the winner. Are you willing to do that?"

"Yes Master, it is my honor to serve you. If it is your wish, I will be happy to do so."


At about 4 p.m., the guests arrived. Three gentlemen, about the same age as the Master, were invited. I eagerly opened the door. Thereby I felt the looks of the gentlemen on my body. There was greed and horniness to feel. After I served the drinks, the gentlemen took their seats in the living room and began to play. I stood next to my Master and waited for further instructions. The first round was won by my Master.

"Let me show you what you're missing."

With these words, the Master pushed two fingers into my already wet cunt and showed them to his friends. Only too gladly I licked his fingers clean. This only made me even hornier than I was by now anyway.

The second round went to one of his friends.

"What can I do to her? Does the cunt with everything?"

"Of course, take her any way you want."

A strong grip in my hair pulled me down.

"Blow me my cock. Then you get fucked."

Hard he pushed me down. I began to lick his cock and took it deep into my mouth. He fucked my throat so that I started to gag.

"Lie down on the table and stick your ass out!"

I quickly took the desired position. Without further preparation, he fucked my ass. A mixture of pain and pleasure made me cry out loudly. Deep and hard he pushed his cock into me. He was so persistent that I got two orgasms in the process. The looks of the other gentlemen radiated horniness. Finally, the gentleman came deep in my bowels and let go of me. I should stand again as I was and wait. The sperm began to follow gravity. In a wide track it ran down my leg.

Also the next round lost my Master. I now had to be at the disposal of the next gentleman.

"I'll go with her to the annex. Come along, you are welcome to watch."

When we entered the annex, I had to undress and lay on the stretching board. Everyone helped strap me down. My legs were spread so wide that it hurt in my groin. Then my arms were pulled so far that I couldn't move.

"I'm going to heat up your cunt first."

He began to work my belly and breasts with a leather whip. His strokes became stronger and stronger. He also did not leave out my cunt. My skin was burning and my pussy was getting hot not only from the strokes. Finally, he began to fuck me in my wet cunt. His thick cock thrust deep inside me. Before he came he pulled his cock out and squirted his entire load onto my belly.

"I'll leave the whore right there like that, then the next one can pick up where I just left off."

The gentlemen left me alone. Frustration rose in me. How long should I lie like this? What or who would come next? Didn't they know how much my joints hurt?


I had lost all sense of time, but it was already dark when the door opened again and the gentlemen returned.

"Now I've won you over. You've cooled down quite a bit by now. I guess I'll have to get you fired up again."

My skin was still burning. But what should follow now? With a riding crop, the gentleman came to me. With powerful blows he hit my cunt and my belly. Pain and horniness made me moan. With a quick push he shoved a plug into my ass and his cock into my cunt. Completely filled in this way, he fucked me to seventh heaven. I enjoyed being taken so hard. My orgasm was not long in coming. His cock repeatedly bumped against my uterus. Finally, he squirted deep inside me.

After I had calmed down a bit, the gentlemen helped me to stand up. My legs failed to do their job. Only slowly could I stand and walk again.

"Now thank the gentlemen and suck their cocks again."

One after the other stuck his cock deep into my throat and let me blow and fuck him. Four loads of cum I swallowed greedily. I was so horny again. The plug was still in my ass and my mouth was fucked. I would have loved to feel another cock in my pussy. Naked and splattered, I accompanied the gentlemen to the door.

"When you have cleaned up the playroom, you may take a shower. Then come back to me. I want to see you in half an hour."

"Yes Master, I will hurry."


I stood punctually before my Master.

"Come, sit with me and tell me how you felt about the evening."

"Master, I can only hope to have fulfilled your wishes. At first I was very nervous. I didn't know what to expect. Everything the gentlemen did to me turned me on. I gained new experiences. My last boyfriend did not know how to take me properly, so I am still very inexperienced and can not express what particularly satisfies me. But the evening has satisfied me totally. It was great to be used so hard. I felt like a slut and a slave. If it is all right with you, I wish to continue being used like that. Hardness and rigor make me horny. Thank you Master for allowing me to experience this and live out my horniness."

"I want you to know that I belong to a circle of Masters who like to present their slave girls. Tomorrow I will present you in this circle. Now go warm my bed."

I crawled under the covers. What would be in store for me tomorrow? How could I imagine such a meeting? I did not dare to ask the Master when he came to the bed.

"Watching made me horny earlier. Blow my cock!"

I was only too happy to disappear under the covers and let my tongue dance on his glans. I wanted to spoil my Master by every trick in the book. Deeply I took his cock in my mouth and began to fuck him.

"You make me so horny! Come on, ride my cock, milk it properly."

Only too gladly I sat on it. His cock penetrated deep inside me. I began to ride him. His hands squeezed my breasts and pulled on my nipples. My horniness grew and grew. A few firm strokes on my butt spurred me on to ride him even harder. With a loud moan he poured into me.

"Go to sleep now, tomorrow you will need all your strength."

Tired and exhausted, I went to my room and immediately fell asleep.


I prepared breakfast again on the terrace.

"Good morning, are you ready to experience something new today?"

"Yes Master! I hope you slept well. I am very excited, but ready to fulfill your wishes."

"Good, then do your chores and then get changed. Everything is ready in your room."

I quickly began to clean up the house. In my room there was a dress ready for me. Next to the dress were white leather cuffs and a white leather collar with a lead. Quickly I had taken off my uniform and hung it away. The dress was red and transparent. The tight-fitting top had such a wide neckline that half of my breasts were exposed. The skirt was floor-length and consisted of eight wide panels that opened with each step.