Moonlight Gathering - Kaiden Emerald - E-Book

Moonlight Gathering E-Book

Kaiden Emerald

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Constant pressure to perform and responsibility can be gruelling. Jarek has also come to this conclusion in his job as an event manager. To recharge his batteries, he took the advice of his therapist and went on an extended holiday to a deserted lake. The ideal place to put stress aside, switch off and find himself in seclusion. But the sudden appearance of a mysterious man not only upsets his plans, but also his heart and causes his emotional world to make unexpected waves.

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Moonlight Gathering

By Kaiden Emerald


Copyright © Kaiden Emerald, 2020

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Original edition, published 05/2021, edition 1

Translated from German into English.

Kaiden Emerald

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Love is a final consequence. To renounce it is easy, replace it with other things. Man cannot possibly ignore it, but he can make substitutes for it and resist it, he merely changes his view and exchanges the components. A sailor loves the seas, but rarely loves only one woman. He is also devoted to his homeland, but never possesses it. Love knows no possession. A sailor loves the sea, but only in the arms of a harbour lady does he get what confirms him to go to sea.

Love is impressionable and makes one vulnerable. It is malleable, to be put in its place and to be displaced. One can see in it a reason to come back or to go away. But it is never predictable. And yet it happens that a sailor returns home and renounces the sea. A lover would not presume to lay any claim on the beloved. To restrict a free spirit or put emotional chains on him. But is it so reprehensible to want to be someone's reason for coming ashore and enjoying, even if only briefly, what they would otherwise be denied?

Chapter 1

The therapist had advised him to 'switch off'. And what better way than a sabbatical? After ten years in the position of senior event manager, Jarek desperately needed the longer break. Although it was up to him to delegate tasks to others, he was usually left with more than he had planned. After all, control was better than leniency, especially since he was responsible for the overall project management and always had to take the rap when the staff screwed up again. Too often things had gotten out of hand and he had had to improvise and fix what intern XY had done.

Time out ... What could be better than a relaxing summer in a remote, almost unknown place? A hidden cottage that his father had rented at some point as an insider tip and later even bought, because he had fallen too much in love with this idyll. A retreat without neighbours in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by deciduous forests and mountains. As a bonus, there was this breathtaking and crystal-clear lake, which radiated a soothing calm just by looking at it, which immediately rubbed off on him every time he was there.

They had enjoyed many days here as a family. They had swum, gone out in the small rowing boat, fished and sat around the campfire in the evenings.