Symbiotic Cosmos - Günter Hiller - E-Book

Symbiotic Cosmos E-Book

Günter Hiller

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Evolution has to be taken into consideration, whenever a finite life span is obvious. Any entity with a finite life span faces extinction, if it is not reproduced. Evolutionary reproduction must not be completely (100%) perfect, because perfection and evolution mutually exclude each other! On the other hand, this deviation from perfection has to be very small (close to 0%) to be accepted and seen as reproduction. But what is the criterion for perfection, for a (nearly) exact reproduction? A deviation from perfection (mutation) can only be observed and recognised, when the accuracy of measuring is good enough! At this point it needs to be understood that neither reproduction nor the accuracy of measuring will ever be perfect or exact but we call something perfect, when we can't measure a deviation! Evolution is complementary. Reproduction enforces order as orderly structures are easier reproducible than chaotic ones and on the other hand evolution makes a small amount of disorder (mutations) necessary. This complementarity or schizophrenia is the pulse of life, of time, of evolution and of a Symbiotic Cosmos.

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